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Our founders recognised a shortfall in the market in an area often overlooked by big lenders. So we seized the opportunity to create lending products that would be easy to access and provide revolutionary new options for loan brokers and referrers. Commercial and Business Lending Solutions (CBLS) is the result of that innovation and a lending company dedicated to providing short-term loans for individuals or businesses in urgent need. We have grown rapidly since inception and are now one of the leading companies in the Sydney area, with an excellent reputation throughout the finance industry.

Residential and Commercial

Does your client need a bridge fund to help them with an off-the-plan residential project? Or do they need short-term financing to help purchase new equipment or seasonal stock? In these and many other cases, turn to CBLS for the perfect solution.

Local Team

Our experienced team understands the nuances of the Sydney market and is made up of local experts ready and eager to help. We can raise funding for your client's commercial project in Parramatta, seaside condo in Bondi or business venture in the CBD.

Efficient Services

We understand that time can be of the essence when short-term capital is required, and we've tailored our approach to come up with the answers and get the ball rolling. We know that as a broker or referral, you may also face time constraints, so everything we do is driven by efficiency.

How We Help Achieve Your Goal

You'll want to work with a well-structured company when looking for help with short-term loans. Here are six reasons why CBLS is the best.

Loan Structure Experts

Your clients' needs are very specific and never off-the-shelf, so we focus on the correct terms, maturity, repayments and risk structure for you.

Australia-wide Services

We not only focus on Sydney but can help with projects nationwide.

Competitive Rates

We will always strive to get the most competitive rates for your clients, driven by our position in the marketplace.

Simplified Process

Short-term finance does not have to be complex; indeed, we strive to simplify the entire process. We'll help you remove stress from the equation.

Outstanding Reputation

We are proud to have served many clients in this sector and equally proud of our reputation. When you turn to us, you know you're in good hands.

Holistic Approach

If you have a complicated project, you need to work with a finance company that thinks outside the box. We take a holistic approach to short-term loans so we can find the best package with the most appropriate options.

Take a Look at Our Past Performance

See why other borrowers, investors and brokers trust CBLS as their partner of choice.