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When you search for funding partners, we understand that your reputation can be on the line. We know you will be looking for a straightforward, professional and dedicated company like CBLS to help you service your client.


Dedicated BDM

When you deal with us, we’ll give you a dedicated business development manager, so you won’t have to go from pillar to post whenever you need support.


NO Clawback

We won’t come calling in search of a clawback fee if your client settles the loan early. We remove that uncertainty from the equation.


Your Client is Still Yours

We won’t try to steal your client away from you by offering them direct deals or discussing terms without your knowledge.


Fast Settlement

Time is of the essence, and we know that many of your clients are under pressure. Therefore, we will aim to settle each loan as quickly as possible.


Simple Process

Financing does not have to be complicated, so we aim to simplify the process as much as possible. This will help you look good in your client’s eyes as well.


Common Credit Policy

We apply a uniform approach to credit and risks, so you know exactly where you are at the outset and can advise your client accordingly.

Introducing Our Products

When you work with CBLS, we’ll help you access these six products tailored for your client’s industry, sector or need. Take a look at these offerings and explore the details enclosed.

  • Buying and selling
  • Urgent settlements
  • Equity release
  • Development and construction loans
  • Land bank or residual stock

How To Become Our Partner

We’ll be delighted to chat when you’re ready to get more information. This is how to work with CBLS:


Refer a Case

Reach out to one of our executives and tell them about your client’s needs./span>


Submit An Application

Fill in a detailed application together with supporting documentation, and we’ll take it from there.


Get Rewarded

Once the loan has been approved and the funding put in place, we will promptly pay your commission.